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Amy was born a beautiful bouncing baby on July 21st 1994. Her first six years were normal and healthy but in March 2001, aged six, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.
We were suddenly immersed into the medical world , desperately trying to understand terms, medicines and procedures. Amy quickly became sick and weak, prone to any kind of infection.
The first treatment lasted 2 years and 3 months. During the first year Amy was constantly in and out of Hospital and being subjected to the most horrendous medical procedures. It was heartbreaking watching our little girl suffer. Things gradually improved and by the end of treatment Amy was much better.
Amy then had a great 16 months and caught up with things she had been unable to do. But, in September 2004, Amy relapsed. We were back facing this nightmare again. She was an inpatient until January 2005, again facing the horrors and feeling so desperately ill. Amy was in and out of Hospital for the next two years until treatment finished in November 2006.
Amy then had the most fantastic year. She joined a football club, played in matches and was awarded 2 trophies for her achievements . She lived life to the full and blossomed into a beautiful, happy teenager with everything to live for.
Our lives were shattered again in November 2007. The beast had returned and this cruel disease was back. Amy was heartbroken. She knew the nightmare was happening again and the torture she had to face. She was immediately back in the London Hospital and was in for the next six months during which time she suffered so very much. In March 2008 she had a Bone Marrow Transplant and things went well for two months but suddenly deteriorated . On May 30th Amy lost her brave battle.

Amy had 7 years overshadowed by illness, hospitals and medicine but never complained, always saw the positive side. As Amy's parents we feel it is an honour and privilege to have had such a brave and remarkable child. We also feel a huge sadness that this cruel disease caused her so much suffering and took away the life she so desperately fought for, just seven weeks before her fourteenth birthday.

Nick and Pam Wallace

Amy's Story..........
Amy with our Patron Alan Smith
Amy with Chelsea Team