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By January 2008, Amy had been in Hospital for nearly two months and we decided she
needed a treat. We thought a visit from her hero Newcastle United player Alan Smith
would definately cheer her up!

Our wonderful play specialist, Jessie, contacted a lady known as 'Mrs Fixit', alias Caroline
Thomas from 'Sharon's Trust' charity.

Amy was completely unaware of anything going on so when we recieved a message from
Caroline to say that Alan would be with us in two days time, Amy was absolutely amazed!
At 5pm on Frday 27th January, Amy's dream came true! She was to meet her hero & idol.
The two of them seemed so natural together chatting like two old mates about football,
hobbies and mutual interests for about an hour. Caroline had to remind Alan that he had to be back for dinner! We escorted him back to the lift, Alan and Amy walking together. He stood in the back of the lift, smiling at Amy and then he was gone. What a fantastic time Amy had had! She didn't come down to earth for days and couldn't wait to see the photos.
We just kept talking about the visit and re-living the whole experience, it was so very special!

On March the 28th, Amy had her transplant and we knew that Newcastle were coming South again in about 4 weeks. Amy had another huge surprise! Alan was coming for another visit. This time Amy had a virus so Alan had to come in 'gowned - up' in a white plastic apron and rubber gloves! We all fell about laughing - Alan included! As soon as the door was closed the apron and gloves were off! Naughty Alan!! Again he stayed for about an hour and gave Amy the most amazing gift. Our lasting memory of Alan was that wonderful smile that seemed just for Amy.

Alan's visits gave Amy such a lift and they were like rays of sunshine during an awful time.
We can't thank Caroline enough for organising the visit's or for Alan giving up his time.